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The pandemic has exposed grave problems with how we take care of our seniors. In particular, the dangers of the extensive presence in most provinces of private, for-profit owners operating long-term care homes.

The many tragedies resulting directly from private, for-profit homes — have led to calls on the federal and provincial governments to make long term care public.

The federal government, through the crown corporation Public Sector Pension Investment Board, is the sole owner of Revera Inc. – and therefore the owner of Canada’s second-largest chain of for-profit long-term care facilities. Join us in calling on the government to make Revera Inc. public. This will be the first step in bringing all privately-owned, for-profit long-term care facilities where they belong – into public ownership and operation.

A Virtual Townhall Meeting was held jointly with the Public Service Alliance of Canada on September 16th, 2020 at 7PM EST.

See the Ottawa Health Coalition’s public statement on Revera Inc. below. 

Time to Restore Sound Planning, Capacity, and Compassion in Our Public Health Care System.

Excerpt: The long trend of downsizing and rationing of our vital health care services must end. Our health care system was founded on principles of equity and compassion…. In Ottawa, like other communities across Ontario, health care providers, patients and their families are dealing with a health care system not living up to the promise of the Canada Health Act.”

Full Report:

Submission to the Provincial Pre-Budget Committee January 2020

Save the Services That save Us!

Stadium Rally in Ottawa
Saturday, December 7th @ 11 a.m.
TD Place Arena, Lansdowne Park


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The Doug Ford government intends to:

  • Cut funding for and eliminate 25 out of 35 local public health units across Ontario;
  • Eliminate 49 out of 59 local paramedic & ambulance services, and eliminate 12 of 22 local dispatch units;
  • Impose more real-dollar cuts to local hospitals,
  • Impose real-dollar cuts to long term care homes and cancel two special funds that provide support to long-term care homes.
  • We are also hearing about home care services being privatized in local communities and there are major cuts to care provision staff in the provincial agencies including the LHINs.


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Federal Election Forum

Sunday Oct.6,  2 PM, 233 Gilmour St. PSAC Building

What Federal action is needed for Long Term Care, Pharmacare
and for a healthy Environment?
During this Federal election we will be deciding on the future of public healthcare! 

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Executive Summary: Final Report of the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare